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mimi sitaki kuoa! video of bride seen chasing groom after he left her on wedding day!


A wedding is supposed to be the day when we celebrate and honour love, mafisis take advantage of the lonely females and we eat free food. Oh, the best part is the free food. But pray that you go to a wedding where the couple spent on proper caterers who do a good job. The result is that you will be on your toothpick like a Somali after a heavy lunch. That shows how good the food was.

african-american-wedding. photo credit: thebigday

Enough! This is a wedding am supposed to be talking about not the food alone. Oh! The food! Oh, the chapatis, the chicken, and beef stew. Man, I could go on. But this story is not of one enjoying free food and mafisis prowling for lonely women. No! It is a sad tale of how a man can get cold feet and take off running like he is about to lose his life. And if you think about it critically he is! How can you say that? I can! Don’t you know that it has been scientifically proven that the most dangerous animal is a woman! Sorry, that isn’t true. the pussy is! The pussy cat!

groom looking at another woman on wedding day
wedding day meme. photo credit: thenextmeme

So onto the crazy video of the bride trying to chase her man back into a wedding he clearly wasn’t into. From the cues, we get that this video most likely was shot in Nigeria.  If I were the bride this is already a sign that for better or worse is not on my groom’s mind and that what he did, although hurtful has saved me years of heartache. But what do I know anyway? Here is the video:

Video of the bride running after her groom, after he called off their wedding, just few minutes before saying "I DO"…

Posted by on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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