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ngai! ukiona vyaelea jua vimeundwa! man found committing caticide for samosa meat! pic inside.


The phrase, ‘ there is more than one way to skin a cat’ has never been more apt than for this story. I normally have a problem eating mutura or samosas from unknown locales. Many people often mock my sensitivities but today’s news proves that crazy ish is happening all around!

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Image: pm stuffing

A man named Mr. Hassan arrested in Eastleigh yesterday for something truly shocking! Horrifying I tell you! The man was found in the act of slaughtering a cat to be used for samosa meat! Hayayaya! He was then taken to city hall for people to see the ‘cat killer’.

He confessed that he had killed more than a thousand cats in his ‘career’. Thousands I repeat! Now those loyal customers of Mr. Hassan must have thrown up a little in their own mouths. In his defense, he said that most of his customers preferred the samosa made from cat meat than from cow meat. Who are these people you are dealing with Mr. Hassan?

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Image: pinterest

The photo shows the butcher in all his glory. If there is a cat hell, then this guy will surely see it. You don’t treat pakas like that. Even if they have maringo, the answer is not to kill them and serve them as meat to unsuspecting consumers.

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