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Video:Octopizzo introduces the next big name in the music industry-Jokay Solution


Kibera’s finest Octopizzo has began the year with a bang. The rapper has decided to promote new artists who I must admit are very talented, Jokay Solution.

If you check out his YouTube channel you will see this video by an artist called Jokay Solution.The kid is a refugee who hails from The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Octopizzo had to take him definately because, he is very talented. Jokay Solution who seeked asylum at Kakuma Refugeee Camp has released his newest single titled ‘Usiniache’.

From the look of things, this is just but the beginning for him.

Usiniache which means don’t leave me is a bongo love ballad that will be taking over the airwaves in no time.

Check out Jokay Solution video here:

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