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a thug in South Africa is not playing with that mullah! till death! (video)


We live in a country were gun crime and robberies are a daily occurrence but with a modicum of safety. But some countries have that thug life on fleek. Is that word even appropriate when discussing crime? Hmm? Whatever the case, S.A has one of the highest crime rates in the world and the video I will show proves why.

thug life meme.
thug life meme. photo credit: imgflip

A video doing the rounds on social media astounds even those who thought they had seen it all in the movies (baby driver). The video starts without anything much going on if you discount some men running away like frightened hen. Then we see what is scaring them, a thug dragging what looks like a shopping trolley with what we assume is cash in it. The thug who is armed is then joined by other men who come in a BMW SUV.

As they try to enter the vehicle, we see that thug struggle to open the back seat door and then suddenly we see the car pull away. The thug is seen struggling to hang on desperately to the car door and the loot. The inevitable happens and he loses both with the reward of nearly been hit by the G4S truck.

thug life glasses meme
thug life glasses meme. photo credit: steemit

What is happening? Apparently, a G4S truck was rapidly approaching with what I guess was the intent to ram the BMW from behind. So the driver of the Bima floors it hence a game of cat and mouse begins with intervals of the Bima chasing the G4S truck and the G4S truck chasing the Bima. Cartoon style,

By the end of it, the good guys don’t win in this video. The thugs brandish what I believe to be an A.K 47 and you can literally see the fight go from the G4S guards. Showing you that in S.A a thug does not play around with his hard earned cash. “How dare you steal away from me the cash I earned from my blood, sweat, and tears! Huh?” the thug must be thinking.¬† Check out the video below:



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