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the little things you do that kills your husband without you even knowing


Many times we imagine and think the kind of things we say and do to our husbands are always good and go right ahead with it without realizing how they get affected and start experiencing withdrawing syndromes i.e. staying out long after working hours, keeping quiet always, starting to drink and other funny tendencies we never used to know them with either during our first years of engagement or even marriage.

here are the few things that kill your men faster than you know

belittling their manhood

Women who are fond of funny or extreme sexual patterns, styles and always nagging during sex make their husbands go underground faster by telling them out that their pennies are small or even dysfunctional and won’t make them satisfied even once and even go to the extent of saying that other men would do better.

It would be proper to understand each other and find an amicable solution to your predicament by either going to a doctor or encouraging the man that next time he would do better. Comparing them to other men and especially touching on the organ one way or another negatively would stress him up to the grave.


undermining their parents, siblings and kins

This is the family that embraced you in the first place by accepting you with your weaknesses and strengths in their family and they deserve to be properly handled by you as the wife. Saying dirty issues about their mum and siblings and claiming you were better off without them hanging around you and your children would kill this man without realizing.

He will start keeping off your home, engaging in alcohol, women, drugs or even bad company as a means of dealing with your attitude and eventually destroying your marriage as a consequence. Please be kind to others because it will only make the two of you stronger when you face issues together, if his mum wronged you, the best way to deal with it is to face the issue and not including every member of his family in the mess. Remember your kids are watching keenly.

playing the legislator

Men don’t like it when new laws keep coming to the house regarding the way they should speak, eat, sit, look and walk always. You want to tame him by controlling what time he should arrive home from work, who he should associate with in church and work.

Forbid him from speaking to females and always combing their clothes and scanning who they speak with daily. It would be proper if you compromised on issues and rationally handling every problem as it comes in love without shouting and making laws always.

a woman who can’t cook or clean

When you are always sent for take-away fast foods as lunch or major meals especially to us Africans is a taboo, why would one refuse to learn how to cook simple meals they were taught with their parent from home.

Is it so difficult to learn especially as a house wife or even husband staying at home while the wife is employed?

We also have this class of women who would put on the same knickers she had yesterday on and still feel okay yet she sweated and went out jogging or whatever.

Is it so difficult to style up for your husbands?

This makes men get pissed off yet they hung around beautiful descent ladies who smell of good perfumes and obviously appear to have changed what they wore yesterday. Whose fault will it be when he start staying out late at night and start to refuse his friend to visit your home, well who?

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