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“Thank you Nyakundi! Mungu akubariki mpaka court case zako zimalizike” Caroline Mutoko reveals how Nyakundi’s bile has helped her make money


Caroline Mutoko is one of the top feminists in Kenya who Cyprian Nyakundi has savagely attacked multiple times. The blogger has called Caroline all sort of names and even claimed she f*cked her way up at Radio Africa.

It turns out Cyprian Nyakundi’s continued attacks on Caroline Mutoko caused her more good than harm. Caroline says she has made more money ever since Nyakundi became her ‘number one fan’.

The former radio queen sarcastically hit back at Nyakundi, she thanked the blogger for making her Facebook page grow which translates to more money for her.

Caroline Mutoko shared a screenshot of her Facebook page analytic to prove Nyakundi helped her grow her page

“It would be wrong & unkind of me to end this wonderful week without thanking my number one fan Cyprian Nyakundi for the sheer magic he is able to work on my brand.

“In a world where there is no shortage of media there is a shortage of attention and you can’t buy that. If there is one person who grows my numbers and keeps me top of mind even when I don’t deserve it – it’s Nyakundi. Say what you want about him, but the guy is my unpaid marketing machine. Thank you Nyakundi! Mungu akubariki mpaka court case zako zimalizike,” wrote Caroline Mutoko.


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