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ten instances Corazon Kwamboka made women fall in love with dresses


Corazon Kwamboka is the only lady that I can comfortably say that she’s an all natural woman. I mean I want to be her, at least have a banging body like her’s because she looks absolutely perfect; big nyash, small tummy, beautiful face, gorgeous smile and to top all that, she’s well learned. o boy! talk of a combination of good stuff all wrapped in one with a ribbon on it.

That being said, she is also known for being classy and being fashionable and she doesn’t usually step out if she’s not sure of what she’s going to wear since she’s a celebrity and all so that makes her fashion savvy in every aspect and that is why I am going to take you to the instances where she made women, especially me(blush) want to always and forever wear dresses everywhere I go. Check these ten occasions where she rocked dresses and looked absolutely beautiful, stunning and appealing to everybody, both women and men, especially men.

rocking floral dress, front
rocking floral dress, back


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