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Tedd Josiah pens a lovely letter to his late wife that will being tears to your eyes


Tedd Josiah was the luckiest man alive when he met Reginah and he was ecstatic when together they brought forth a beautiful soul called Jay Jay in this world. His world however fell apart when he lost her and every day without her makes him break piece by piece but thanks to his daughter Jay Jay, he has a reason to smile and be happy again. Here is the letter Tedd Josiah wrote to his late wife

I am a mere mortal but lucky am I.
So lucky to have met an angel fallen from the skies with a case of a broken wing.
I thought my work was to mend her wings and help her fly.
Not knowing that my angels work was to put my broken pieces together.

She took care of me as a wife, as a lover, as a friend. All the while building a fortress around our family of 3 mummy baby and daddy. I’d ask myself many times “how can a being so beautiful so radiant love a mere mortal man….?” And once she said to me “I will never leave you, am yours for life”

Our promise to each other was we will build our fortress and fortunes one brick at a time and will never let people come between us. We built, we played, we laughed, we had Jay Jay, we loved & laughed some more.

But then i forgot……. Reginah was an angel.
I forgot…. Reginah wasn’t mine to keep.
I forgot…. Reginah’s wings had been mended.
I forgot…. Reginah’s angelic voice meant that God needed His lead singer back in Heaven to start practicing for the concert from the book of revelations.

So one night as we slept our God called her and asked her to fly back to Heaven and get ready to sing for the world.

Thank you Lord for brining an angel my way and leaving me with another angel little Miss Jay Jay.
I do my best to do right by her.
I glorify your name and ask only one thing Lord…..
Let me get a chance to one day hold Reginah again, kiss Reginah again and be with her again. “Babe” am gonna see you in Gods time & we will figure it out.
Yours truly – “Askim” Tedd Josiah your all as you were my all.

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