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talk of dopeness, here is the mixtape by Ace Tha Don that’s causing ripples in the music industry right now


Kenyan Hip Hop and local music specifically is going places and many people might have the cojones to deny this fact but still, that doesn’t change the mere fact Kenyan music and specifically Hip hop is going to be the hub of music in east Africa, granted, Tanzania’s Diamond is the face of African music at the moment but that’s when it comes to pop and RnB genre. Of late, Kenyan hip hop has the toughest competition right now and every single artiste wants to outdo the other one but what’s important to every one of them is the money (‘guap’) issue, who makes more money than the other one and vice versa.

This is why many rappers put in work day and night to be on top of the food chain in the music business. The other day, we saw Kibera’s most promising artiste, Kayvo KForce release his EP entitled ‘HUSTLE’ which has dope tracks on it and thus far, ‘Hawafanyangi Kama Mimi’ track is my favorite track in the EP, you can get the full mixtape in iTunes. Now another dope, rap artiste Ace Tha Don has released his own EP and is getting some good attention in the music realm. The ease of which Ace Tha Don flows while spitting his bars it’s so sick and outta this world and one that nobody can match, he sounds likes UGK’s Bun B and deliver like Kendrick Lamar. If this is just the EP, how dope do you think the album will be? You tell me.

Ace Tha Don is here to STAY and nobody is going to do anything about that anytime soon. Listen to ‘Life in Rhyme’ The EP by the talented, young, rap artiste here



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