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huyu dame alikuwa slay queen manze! Drama as 5 sponsors converge at girls house


Drama is a slay queens middle name. They live by it and swear by it. A certain slay queen at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, who has been benefiting from five ‘sponsors’ was unmasked. Roseanne, who is a bootilicious third year student, was shocked when her sponsors all met at her house all at once.

cheating girl meme
cheating girl meme. photo credit:


The five bumped into each other coincidentally at her rented house in Mwiyala last Wednesday, when each was coming for sponsors “benefits”. According to those in the know, a senior employee of the County Government of Kakamega’s revenue department was the first to arrive at around 5.30pm.  They said:

 “She was preparing tea for the revenue officer when a banker from Kisumu walked in with a quarter kilo of beef. She served the two men tea and came to my house to disclose that she didn’t know what to do or tell them.”

Two other ‘sponsors’ came visiting some 30 minutes after the revenue and accountant had finished taking tea. Roseanne panicked and called her new puppet, a police officer stationed at Kakamega Central Police Station to come to her aid. You know serikali saidia.

cheating meme
cheating meme. photo credit: trending


A source said:

“When the police officer arrived, he told the other four that he was the man of the house by virtue of paying this month’s Sh15, 000 rent and demanded to know what they were doing in his house.” 

The other men said what each had bought which included: a bed, a cupboard, a heavy density mattress, bed sheets and some other inconsequential items.But the police man was still adamant, demanding for the men to live the house. But one of the men, a high school teacher calmed him down and told him that were they to fight for the woman they would be considered as fools. So he suggested that they all take what they had each bought for her.

James Ouko, the caretaker of the house,said  the men ransacked the house taking all that belonged to them. They carried everything from the house, and one demanded Sh 15,000 deposit he paid when he moved Roseanne into the house. Roseanne by this time had abandoned the premises. But when she was called with the developments all she responded was:

 “wacha wachukue nitapata zingine”

Wah! This chick is a savage! There my friends is how you get played.

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