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Sharon Mundia Of The Fanatastic This Is Ess Fashion Blog Gives The Reason She Took A Break From Blogging. Why Is That? Find Out Here.


Sharon Mundia and style go hand in hand. She fits it like a glove is to a hand. So when we suddenly stopped seeing her blog for the past year we were a bit concerned!

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What had happened to the beautiful, comely, fashionable, stylish and immaculate Ms. Mundia? I know I go too far with the plaudits, but is she not all these things? Well, she has finally come out of the woodwork( I know this idiom has a crawly feel to it, sorry) and informed us her fans what was abreast and aren’t we pleased.

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Why are we so happy? Because she is finally going to resume work on her fashion blog! That’s not all, she also reveals why she had to take a break from her blogging. I believe her reasons will resonate with most of us. Please read what she had to say below. Literally from the horse’s mouth:

About a year ago I abruptly decided to take a step back from blogging/social media. It had been many months of this feeling of self doubt, persistent fear and sense of disconnect creeping in to the point where I felt creatively crippled. Content creation became a chore and I couldn't fully connect with this community I had spent years building. I didn't know what my "why" was and I felt like a fraud; something I've discussed in a recent YouTube video (link in bio). I've had a long time to reflect and I've rediscovered my love for creating content, love for my body (hello child birth!) and love for my truest self. But most importantly, I now know what my intentions are with this platform and with any other I choose to share bits of my life through. I've fought hard to shake off those negative feelings and thoughts and replace them with ones that celebrate life and honour my calling, wholly and unapologetically. On that note, I'd like to reintroduce myself: Hello, I'm Sharon. Let's light the world up together. ✨ P.S.: Motherhood is this big, beautiful, sometimes scary thing that I wear proudly and I can't wait to share more with you. πŸ’œπŸ‘ΆπŸΎ πŸ“·@tatianakaranja

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