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Sauti Sol cause crazy reactions from Kenyan’s with this tweet.


Sauti Sol speak to us in their music. They tell us what they think and their views are mostly social issues that may be affecting us. Recently they have become more open in their political stances. This week Savara came out with a post on his Instagram that was highly critical of the direction that this country was heading to.

Sauti Sol in suits
Sauti Sol. photo credit::courtesy

Yesterday Sauti Sol posted a tweet that was both unexpected and very controversial depending on whether you agree with them or not. There are schools of thought that anyone not involved in politics should be apolitical. Be it sportsmen, religious leaders, actors, and musicians. Which is a viewpoint I totally disagree with. If you are a citizen of that country then your voice should be heard irrespective of your stature in that country. But what do I know anyway?

Here is the tweet that started the shitstorm:

These are some of the reactions to the tweet:

What do you guys think? Can’t you be still be a fan and still disagree with the views of the musician?













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