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Riky Rick buys Vans sneakers for a boy who wore fake Balenciaga


Riky Rick is a fashionista, he loves fashion and sneakers and especially Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton brands are some of his favorite brands in the market today. The¬†Amantombazane rapper unique’s way of dressing gained him a loyal fans on his social media pages. The rapper also has a variety of sneakers in his collections and there is one time he represented the Puma for a Riky Rick Puma Collaboration R698.

Riky Rick wearing Puma R698
Riky Rick wearing Puma R698. Photo credit: courtesy

Watch the video below of how much Riky Rick hates fake sneakers as he asked a young boy to remove his fakes sneakers and coped him a fresh, new Vans kicks.


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