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Rayvanny: Artists are free to perform my songs on stage


Rayvanny has given the go-ahead for musicians to perform his songs on stage. The Tanzanian singer said those who love his work are free to perform his songs.

Musicians are generally forbidden from performing other artists’ songs unless they have an agreement. Performing someone’s song can warrant litigation.

Wasafi Record’s Rayvanny has given artists the freedom of performing his songs on stage as long as they meet his set of conditions.

Rayvanny performing on stage. Photo/Stallion TV
Rayvanny performing on stage. Photo/Stallion TV

Speaking on Magic FM’s Daladala Beat, Rayvanny explained that as long as artists are not being paid to sing his song they were free to perform them.

He further says that artists can also not perform his songs in the event that they are sharing the same stage with him.

“Kama ananipenda ni shabiki yangu aimbe lakini siyo nipo kwenye show kabla sijapanda na yeye aimbe tena nyimbo zangu lakini akijisikia kuimba aimbe lakini siyo biashara analipwa hela anaenda ku-perform ngoma zangu atakuwa ananiibia,” said Rayvanny.



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