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Raila Odinga uncovers Safaricom plot to rig October repeat election


Nasa leader has affirmed that telecommunications giant Safaricom colluded with IEBC and OT-Morpho to alter the results of August 8th presidential elections.

For starters, OT-Morpho is a French multinational company specialized in security and identity solutions. The company was contracted by IEBC to supply the so called Kenya Intergrated Management System (KIEMS), electronic kit for election purposes.

Speaking during a press conference at his Capitol Hill office in on Tuesday September 26th, Raila revealed that Safaricom participated in data manipulation during the transmission of August 8th election.

“It’s a matter of public record that Safaricom was contracted by the IEBC to transmit election results from the Kiems kits at the polling stations to the IEBC servers. All these data was to be conveyed via Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to ensure that there was no tampering of the results before reaching the servers. It has since come to our knowledge that one of these VPNs terminated at a cloud server registered in Spain but operated from France under the control of OT-Morpho. Both VPNs were fully paid for by the IEBC however the VPN Safaricom terminating locally was never set up. Consequently results from the polling stations’ Kiems kits left the country but never found their way back to IEBC. In other words results which came from the polling stations were transmitted through IEBC network to a server mostly in France but they never come back to the server at Bomas of Kenya,” said Raila.

Raila further claimed that Safaricom and OT-Morpho plan to do the same thing they did in August 8th in the forthcoming October 26th repeat presidential election.

“None of the Kiets under Safaricom network ever got their results onto the IEBC’s public portal. This collusion between Safaricom, IEBC and Morpho remains intact and the firm is set to do the same thing again which they did in August,” Raila stated.

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