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Prezzo responds To Yola’s Allegations That He had Been Threatening Her: And Is A Mud Fight!


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Jackson Makini aka Prezzo and his ex-girlfriend are at it again, Yaani this guys can’t help themselves. The mudslinging does not seem like it will stop anytime soon. We here at biggestkaka will keep going into the mud to insect it for you and bring it to you in a more palatable format. I think a mud cake is more suitable. Ama?

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So Yola alleged in an interview with Shaffie and Adele in the morning that Shaffie had been sending her threatening messages after their tumultuous break-up.

Prezzo finally (manze it was a week later, and was I in suspense or what?) got an opportunity to respond to the allegations and his retort was what one would expect.Deny and throw back a good amount of mud back. Was it black-cotton or red-soil? Hmm?

He told Shaffie and Adele on breakfast with the stars that, ” It’s all a lie! Anybody who knows me, knows am somebody who sticks to my lane. The only way I can translate this whole thing is that her star is fading off and you know at the end of the day what else she gonna talk apart from Prezzo.”

He went on,” I put that on my mothers life. Have never talked to that girl and have never sent any threats to her. The last I heard about her is that she lives in Jamhuri, and the matter of fact is she is the one who has been reaching to me for whatever reasons she reaches out to me, like she says she is sick, she has been admitted to hospital; I go there I find it was nothing.”

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There you have it folks. The he said she said mix will go on. And we will keep you updated in the muddy ways.


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