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Phy’s latest single ‘siwezani’ was worth the wait


Phy was supposed to release her single ‘Siwezani’ on a scheduled date but was forced to push it back for some reason/s which she later apologized for in her posts but shared a preview though. The beautiful, talented singer who is well recognized in the music realm and has a unique taste in lovely hairstyles just dropped the visuals for the ‘Siwezani’ single and it was really worth the wait.

The Ennovator artiste got me falling in love with her and her music, especially her music as her voice is just out of this world and indescribable, it should just have its own noun in the dictionary.

The song ‘Siwezani’ is a masterpiece in its own right and once, you hear it -and watch it- am sure it will always be on replay on your playlist. Watch the music video for the song below as for me it’s a 9.5 star rating out of 10. Phy is a talent, period


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