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Owner of Toyota Prado that ran over Nasa supporters in the CBD unmasked. Victim also identified


There was drama on Monday October 9th when a Toyota Landcruiser KBQ 609G ran over at least three Nasa supporters who participated in anti-IEBC demonstrations.

The driver of the Toyota landcruiser was captured on camera running over the three demonstrators at Kenyatta Street in Nairobi CBD as he attempted to flee from the mayhem.

The owner of the green Toyota landcruiser KBQ 609G has been identified as one George Muriuki, according to vehicle registration details on NTSA website.

Even though the Toyota Landcruiser is own by George Muriuki, it’s was understandably being used by police officers at the time of the accident.

One of the victims of the accident has been identified as an ardent ODM supporters who always puts on orange colored attires and carry orange fruits during ODM rallies.

Man with orange fruits on the head was one of the victims who was run over by the Toyota Prado



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