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OMG! King Kaka has released fifteen tracks off his mixtape ‘it’s the king’. track 4 is the dopest for me


King Kaka has come of age musically and he is a force to reckon with when it comes to music and his ability to release tracks after another within a short duration of time is wanting and admirable at the same time and I think Khaligraph Jones is the only competition when it comes to releasing numerous hit songs after the other and this time, well let’s just say that King Kaka a.k.a Rabbit has decided to go ham on his releases and released fifteen [15] tracks at one go off his latest mixtape ‘It’s The King‘.
I honestly don’t know what he’s up to but since he’s the King, I guess no one has the right to question what the King wants to do, so here are the official fifteen videos released by King Kaka today.

Matata hii jamani
1. King Kaka – Back in 2007

2. King Kaka –Hatutoki

3. King Kaka – Twende Kazi Feat Majero

4. King Kaka – Rail On

5. King Kaka – Nisamehe Feat Kaki

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