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Noti Flow: I am not releasing my album anytime soon, maybe next year


Noti Flow who made 2017 her own just came forth to open up about her not being able to release an album thus far.

The rapper who had many people guessing about her love life because she was numerously seen with fellow rappers Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa and the Kenyan Birdman in a compromising position said that she wants people to know her more before she drops an album.

Noti Flow. photo credit: Instagram/notiflow
Noti Flow. photo credit: Instagram/notiflow

“I have a lot of singles out … I don’t think an album is a good idea right now, I need to push myself first for people to really recognize me” She said in part.

Noti Flow who has thus far gained a lot of fans though her music and her involement in the Kenyan reality TV show, The Nairobi Diaries says she wants her album to be a big thing for her.

“I want my album to be a really good thing” She added

Here’s the video of her speaking about her release of her album next year

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