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Noti Flow admitted she had lungula with Prezzo in her new unreleased single


Noti Flow just might have told the whole world that she had intercourse with the veteran Kenyan rapper and entertainer who is revered both in Kenya and east African region, Prezzo.

The rapper who also doubles as an actress at the infamous reality show, Nairobi Diaries shared a video of herself with Prezzo where they were both “slaying” while the music is playing in the background.

These two celebrities are known to have had a “moment” previously but none of them came forth to say that they are dating but they maintain that they are cordial and are rather really good friends though.

Are they really just friends? Mmmmh! I don’t know, maybe

If you know who Noti Flow is, then you sincerely know that she isn’t afraid of saying anything whatsoever and if anything, Lungula might just be her favorite subject(pun intended). Here’s the video of the two rappers jamming to the unreleased and unnamed song below.


The lyrics of the song in question which is unreleased are not rated PG for sure and you can sing read them below if you won’t get offended in any way.


Si roll na maboyz wamekaa
Si roll na maboyz Wa mtaa
Na roll na maboyz Wa matoyz maboyz wanaroll na maRoyce
Maboyz wana cash kama Keeds
Mahater nawaroll kama weed
He F**ks me as good as he should ,
Just watch when I grind on that wood
I don’t play games with these b**ches
You ain’t gat no business just get in your shoes
Am making you feel like you should , He making me feel like I should , We Reppin this Sh*t
Yeah we Reppin this sh*t
Ni*ahs we Reppin this sh*t
I put em back on the streets
Ain’t got chill for no b**ch 👐


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