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Developing: Nick Mutuma accused of sexual assault on social media


Nick Mutuma was having a wonderful month of November with his series This is it getting rave reviews. Additionally was the news that he had received a scholarship to go and study film at UCLA. But things seem to be taking an ominous turn for the comely actor if allegations being written on social media about him are anything to go by. 

Nick Mutuma. on bed
Nick Mutuma. photo credit: instagram./ Nick Mutuma


The news that we are receiving on the inter-webs is both disheartening and shocking if true. The allegations claim that Nick Mutuma may have a history of sexual assault against women. The allegations are hard to digest if true because the actor is well-known as a lady killer with a spotless past. But clearly as we have seen in the film industry, many predators are lurking from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey. Here is the comment that set the ball rolling:

Then then the inevitable responses:

Many attempts to contact the actor for his side of the story were fruitless as his phone was not going through. Again I will not comment on this story. Very sad if this allegations are true.

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