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Gossip! NASA governor pleads with Uhuru Kenyatta to keep Cabinet Secretary on his roster


NASA and Jubilee parties aren’t exactly the best of friends. With the recently concluded elections being a sore point of contention for the two parties. So you would not expect that a NASA governor would go out asking for favours from the “enemy”. But that is what exactly ensued on Wednesday.

President-Uhuru-Kenyatta. photo credit: courtesy

Well, an Opposition Governor from Western Kenya surprised journalists at a function in Nairobi, when after finishing his speech, he pleaded with President Kenyatta to re-appoint one of the Cabinet Secretaries from the region. The governor, a close ally of key Opposition leaders explained that although he belongs to a different political affiliation, the Cabinet Secretary (CS) has done a wonderful job.

Good job meme
Good job meme. photo credit:


It was not lost on the members of the press that the endorsement of the CS by the NASA Governor on grounds good performance, was an admission that the main challenger of his party boss had actually delivered!

Take care of yourself
Take care of yourself. photo credit: justpost


These political elites have children who go to the same schools. They will never lose in a fracas/violence because they live in a cocoon. One that most Kenyans only dream about. The only thing that may happen is a rescinding of visas by some “special” countries. Look at the what is going on in Zimbabwe, more of the same, more of the same! The true realisation in Kenya is that you should sort yourself out. We may all mock slay queens, but this women have learnt a painful lesson; that the game is rigged. All you can do is help yourself cause no-one else will.

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