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NASA Coalition statement on crimes against humanity in Kenya


The NASA Coalition has shared their statement on crimes against humanity by the Jubilee regime during 2017 elections period.

The statement reads,

“The devolution of security must be the central plank to end violence against resource-rich but marginalized communities.”

There is something profoundly sickening about a nation in which the government repeatedly undertakes mass killings to keep its citizens intimidated into accepting its undemocratic rule. And thus we are seeing that the murderous mayhem that greeted the arrival of our flagbearer Raila Odinga from the US continued even after Uhuru Kenyatta managed on Monday to be declared the winner of the October 26th election.

So on a day when there would have been cause for caroling and celebration throughout the land – had a legitimate presidency been born – we were hearing heart-rending reports of brutality and death being wreaked on unarmed civilians who are protesting an illegitimate ruler. Why are police shooting to kill? Why are they even using live bullets on people who pose no threat to police or to anyone else’s life?

These killings are literally tearing this country apart, and the demand for greater devolution to redress gross imbalances is now escalating to cries for secession as a way for people to protect themselves from a vicious state. NASA has repeatedly indicated to its supporters its commitment to a unified Kenyan state as the best means to attain democracy and prosperity. But we have also warned that unless people’s suffering and woes are addressed, the demands for secession will continue to mount.

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Every single life needlessly extinguished is unacceptable and the killers must face the harshest penalties the law allows. But when the killings are ethnically targeted, they are even more heinous and rise to the level of crimes against humanity. As all Kenyans know, these are subject to prosecution by the International Criminal Court.

We were pleased to see from news media reports yesterday that the international community has recognized this regime’s brutality and withheld its congratulations to Uhuru Kenyatta after the Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the petitions against his election.

“The killing of ten protesters last Friday after police banned a rally by Mr Kenyatta’s defeated rival, Raila Odinga, caused particular anger,” wrote the Financial Times, while the Daily Telegraph wrote that “Western missions in Nairobi had chosen to delay offering their congratulations in stands against aspects of Mr Kenyatta’s campaign and the deadly suppression of protests in recent months.”

These latest murderous rampages have shocked many Jubilee supporters, who had assumed that Uhuru would now try to erase his divisive and destabilizing legacy of illegitimacy by reaching out to all Kenyan communities. But Uhuru knows that his rule and policies have irrevocably alienated most of the population, and he can only rule by cowing the people into submission. In addition, Uhuru and William Ruto formed Kenya’s first openly sectarian party, which proclaimed that their two communities would continue to lead the nation into the future, as they have done for these last 54 years. The nation’s 42 other communities are therefore of no great concern to them. And they do not know that no Kenyan community can be cowed into accepting unlawful rule.

We call upon Uhuru Kenyatta to immediately order an end to the slaughter. The violence is of course directed against communities – from the western, lower eastern and coastal and other regions – which support NASA. This is a warped scheme to portray the nationally-oriented opposition to Uhuru’s government as being only tribally motivated.

We as well call upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the ICC and other protection organizations to immediately begin collecting evidence which will identify atrocities that should be treated as international crimes.

We also call upon all our supporters to continue exercising restraint in their protests and avoid any actions that could be used as a pretext for more killing. Our struggle for the vast changes needed in Kenya is inspired by our great 2010 Constitution and by our commitment to uphold the rule of law, and we will employ peaceful methods that have gotten us the political and major reforms and benefits.

NASA is aware that appeals for an end to the murderous policies of this government will fall on deaf ears. We will very shortly be announcing a list of self-protection measures. We also know that major changes in our laws are needed to restore equity, inclusion and devolution that lie at the heart of any process that will heal and unite our country.

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The devolution of internal security to the counties must be a central plank of the efforts to end once and for all the deeply ingrained history of violence and intimidation against resource-rich and marginalized communities. The Centre has sought through this way to keep their demands for greater access to their wealth in check, and to continue exploiting their resources for the benefit of a tiny elite that is determined to keep control at the centre.

These policies plans will not succeed any more. Kenyans have become more determined than ever to fight for their rights as oppression and economic deprivations intensify from an illegitimate government.

22nd November 2017

NASA Coalition plans to hold a parallel rally during Uhuru Kenyatta’s swearing in at Uhuru Park amid warning that they must act within the laws of Kenya.

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