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anavaa tu manguo yangu! Nameless complains about Wahu’s ‘bad’ behaviour


Nameless and Wahu are the couple you look to when you are trying to come up with those silly ‘relationship goals’ targets. They are a couple to be admired, having recently celebrated 12 years of matrimony. But kumbe all is not well in the Mathenge family. Things have been falling apart since Wahu started demonstrating some very reprehensible behaviour.

Wahu in white dress
Wahu. photo credit: instagram/namelesskenya

Behaviour that should end a relationship pap! This Nameless man is a patient man for where in his shoes I would have not shown such restraint in dealing with such disrespect. What is this veeeery bad behaviour that she has been engaging in? Her proclivity for wearing his clothes! Mamamia! My body, my clothes! Kama hutaki! Hama! Hehehe!

Nameless in dapper suit
Nameless. ohoto credit: instagram/ namelesskenya

I kid! I kid! Nameless’ and Wahu’s marriage is on solid ground. Just playing with you guys! Nameless shared his lovely wife’s very ‘thuggish’ behaviour with a cute post on social media, showing how  his ‘culprit’ wife usually enjoys herself in his clothes. This is a humourous post that displays how they have been able to stay together for more than a decade. They see the funny side of things in each other. The photo and the caption that accompany it are below:

Wahu in Nameless' clothes
Wahu. photo credit: instagram/namelesskenya


“She was posing for a photo.. what she doesn’t know is i was taking evidence ndio niwaonyeshe… huyu was salad pool anachukuanga nguo zangu na kofia zangu all the time… that is my white top and that hat mnaijua ni yangu ..😠😠OH WHY?? mkimpata kwa njia mwambie hanifanyi poa!!😡 #serekalisaidiajameni#okigiveUptakethetop #justreturntheHats#juicepoolmkowapi??? #GodlovesMe#OhWhy”

What do you guys think?

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