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Naiboi and Creme Dela Creme release catchy new music video


Naiboi is one of the most versatile Kenyan musicians working at the moment. The man has a Nigerian cum Caribbean feel to his music and this jam is no different. When you hear him singing the chorus “I wanna Beee”, you know you are in for a musical feast.

Naiboi on the mic
Naiboi. photo credit: teamnaiboi
Naiboi single cover
Naiboi. photo credit: teamnaiboi


Naiboi sings about wanting to be next to this chick that he is really into. The song is very catchy and the slow melodic saxophone riffs that accompany it, are a testament to the great production skills of Dj Creme Dela Creme. The visuals directed by Nezzoh are crisp and to the point. And it does not hurt that the video vixen is also a sight to behold. This song will be on my repeat playlist for a bit there.

Here are some comments from some fans:

Respect naiboi unafaa kuwa unapata a million views

Kama kiti ni Moto hadi Meza huwa ina tii…Hiii ngoma ni tamu kama Mboga ya Kunde yenye haijaivaa sanaa na Nyama Chomaa<< Naiboi aichhhhhh

Finally Nezzoh meets Naiboi x Kazi safi


A wise man once said leave International A Naiboi Issa OuterNational Artist… Great stuff by Creme & I logos.. #IWANNABE
Naiboi ur doing good job in kenye music keep up with the game Dope
Am among the first timer this video is top big up
Kama ii ni Kali click like
Naiboi pewa kitu kwa bill yangu
The video is below. Enjoy:

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