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“My Album Will Break Your Virginity” Victoria Kimani Says Of Her Upcoming Album(Photos)


You know not many Kenyan  elite women in their own right holds a candle to Victoria Kimani’s beauty I mean she’s even way beautiful than most of our socialites  with or without filters and the same goes for her music,  she is as talented as she is beautiful and what an awesome promise she gave us ‘team mafisi’  and the likes that she is set to break our virginity with her music,  more specifically her upcomingalbum.  The chocolate city artiste has promised that her album ‘album One’  is bound to be the album of the decade because of what she has in store for us and that’s why they will break our ears’ ‘virginity’  because we haven’t heard an album sounding anything like what she’s about to release. She hasn’t however gave out the date for the release or maybe just maybe she might drop her album incognito the way Kendrick Lamar did.

In the meantime here are the photos of Victoria Kimani’s pledge to her fans







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