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Mwafreeka blocked on twitter by Paul kagame and his beautiful daughter


Mwafreeka the rapper is one controversial and talented rapper. He is very vocal about his views and will not shy away from speaking his mind about whatever he feels is wrong. Is he a social justice warrior or is it a civil rights activist? Whichever it is, people in high places tend to bristle at his attacks and tend to react in different ways.

Mwafreeka. posing
Mwafreeka. photo credit: instagram/ mwafreeka

In this case, the people in high places are the president of Rwanda and his fetching daughter Ange Kagame. You see, Mwafreeka does not take kindly to the way Mr. Kagame runs his country and has been very vocal about voicing this sentiment. What that means is that a man who is hitherto a god in his own country who will not stomach any dissent has to deal with this provocation. What is the best way you will ask? Just block that bugger who is always attacking me on my social media.

Photo of Barrack Obama, Paul Kagame, Angie Kagame, Michelle Obama
L to R. Barrack Obama, Paul Kagame, Angie Kagame, Michelle Obama. photo credit: youtube

Who alerted us to this development? Mwafreeka himself when he wrote:

“Like father like daughter. Anyway I insist I hate dictators and I don’t care who loves them.

“People dreaming that a dictatorship would work in Kenya must know some of us would resist.

“We actually value our individual freedom of expression more than,”

What I like about this whole story is the lack of hypocrisy of the characters. Mwafreeka does not like the way Kagame runs his fiefdom that is Rwanda and is not scared to tell it as he sees it while the Rwandan leader does not appreciate or like the attacks from the rapper and proceeds to then block him on Twitter. This is great in this P.C age where people have to pretend they get along. if you don’t like something or someone say it, deal with the repercussions and move on. But what do I know anyway?

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