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Music is Like Food,Will I Consume Your Feed? #MusicMatters254


This will hurt a few people in the entertainment industry, no one is talking about it why, i wouldn’t understand.

As Kenyans strive to save the face for what can be termed as a bad run for local music for the last 5 years,what is being done wrong?right?

Yes, Kenyans managed to control the amount of Nigerian music flowing across our boarders flooding the entertainment industry. It must be said that, the amount has been generally reduced.

Bongo music however, has taken the space, on a heavier and higher rotation scale, thanks to their ever relevant and relating storylines, melodies, quality and quantities.

Stakeholders in the Kenyan industry web promised that things would be better but will efforts they put in save the day?

I can only hope things will work,i have been flowing this music journey for a while and trust me, i don’t know a single artist or song from my home area of Kakamega, are there talented peeps out there? Hit me up

The reason i decided to write this article is because, i am afraid that things might end in futility if the current trend goes on.

Paying for collabos with currently ‘BIG’ and hot artists from across the continent. What is happening, a budding act contacts a riding act and they hit the studio and boom musical works are bombarded into our ear-drums with over night campaigns to make sure, the bug spreads in every corner of the continent, some have been successful other aah eeh not really.

Music is food, and that means you can force one to have it but will they take it voluntarily next second? if they like it they will..i mean, someone will download, bookmark that YouTube channel,they will play and replay that song countless times.

I see a few Kenyan artists wanting to be over night celebs, you have the money you have the means but…that collabo might not work.

By the time you think of winning that across the boarder fans, you as an artist must win and create a fanatism following in your backyard.

You must have noted by now that, once these collabos are released, the BIGGER acts launch new music a few days later a week at most, some never share or mention the song, simply because, it was business, you paid them for the works not for the marketing…

Second thing, talent, fans will always wait for the BIGGER acts part,why, probably beacuse they did it better than the budding act most of the time…how sad if an artist ever gets to perform and no one sings along to their segments.

Lastly, an artist can use all the money they have but when it comes to music, spends will not lead to support,likes,downloads,,,unless, one is doing music as a hobby.

That said, acts must build themselves from the ground up,step at a time.
Shortcuts will work for just the moment and soon move on..

I hope Bett and Adam can highlight this issue in one of their #MusicMatters254 session..

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