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Moesha Boduong: being curvy is not a crime


Moesha Boduong who has curves for days and happens to be a curvy photo model and a talented actress at the same time is known for breaking the internet with her voluptuous photos that will make you say hallelujah and she is not showing any tell tale sign that she’s stopping any time soon.

The beautiful curvy woman just gave her opinion on how stereotypical people can be and how quickly they jump on conclusion about her being curvy and being proud of it so much so that she posts her photos for the whole world to see.

“Dear society ,being curvy is not a crime and me deciding to flaunt what I have does not mean I am for sale or I am a cheap girl ,really can we cut the hypocrisy already ,the same thing a slim girl will do and get away with it.” she said in part

Moesha might just be right about her being happy about her body which is not usually the case as many people usually suffer in silence after they get body shamed with many people especially on social media.

“Ladies dress sexy for themselves and not for attention or for a man to like them .Let’s stop body shaming” Moesha Boduong added.

After she opened up about her being curvy and being proud of it, she went on ahead to share a series of photos where she looked absolutely amazing showing the world how comfortable and happy she is in her body.


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