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Mike Sonko warns Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o


I have noted with extreme shock and disbelief a statement attributed to Kisumu Governor H.E Anyang Nyong’o banning all demonstrations in the county of Kisumu and declaring that all future demos shall be held in Nairobi.

I wish to warn my colleague that Nairobi City County will never entertain goons and criminals who take advantage of the situation to harass, intimidate, molest, rape, loot, and destroy properties belonging to innocent Kenyans.

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Whereas the opposition supporters have a constitutional right to picket, it must be done within the law. Acts of hooliganism shall never be tolerated in Nairobi and culprits will face full force of the law.
We have noted that revenue collection has declined on the days of public demonstrations and as a result, the economy of Nairobi City County has continued to suffer.

Governor Nyong’o, be warned that Nairobi City County is not ready to engage in hooliganism but in nation building. You owe the people of Nairobi an apology.



Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang Nyong’o has outlawed any unauthorized protests in the city, noting that hooligans have taken advantage of the situation to loot and destroy property.

Anyang Nyong’o  said that no demonstrations will be allowed in Kisumu without prior authorization from the county government and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leaders from the region. Nyong’o termed as criminal actions youths who block roads, loot from locals and pelted vehicles with stones during opposition protests.

“Who are these people taking decisions without the party – ODM – directing them yet we have party leadership led by myself in this county?” he asked.

Governor Anyang Nyong’o said that demonstrations must conform to legal guidelines and called on police to deal with those out to take advantage of such events to loot and vandalize property.

“We’ve told the police to deal with anybody putting stones on the road. Anybody molesting a dweller residing in Kisumu will be treated as a criminal,” Nyong’o warned.

Nyong’os action comes after investors in Kisumu expressed concerns over the increasingly hostile business environment occasioned by chaotic demonstrations.

Kisumu has been one of the violence hotspots in recent months as a result of heightened political activities during the electioneering period.

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