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Mike Sonko Responds To Report That He is The Worst Performing Senator


Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has spoken on the report released on Thursday by Mzalendo Trust mentioning him as one of the worst performing Senators in 2015.

Sonko discredited the survey stating that the researchers had been bribed by his political rivals in order to damage his reputation ahead of the 2017 General Election.

“As we approach electioneering period, so many ways including malice and propaganda will be used to discredit other politicians especially those who are focused on service delivery,” Sonko stated.

“But I wish to bring to the attention of the Great people of Nairobi City County that the same Mzalendo Trust was bought and paid by one of the Nairobi City County bosses and held a press conference on 21/1/2016 condemning my efforts to bring to book the City Hall askaris who were brutally killing our innocent hawkers in Nairobi,” the Nairobi Senator added.

Sonko dismissed the research stating that he has been active in the Senate and even attached video evidence to prove the same.

“Mzalendo Trust which was attacking me has now conducted the shoddy opinion poll to dent my good image while my record of contributing and tabling of motions in Senate is very clear in the hansard which captures all the Senate proceedings,” he emphatically stated.

Senator Sonko defended himself highlighting that in 2015, he filed three motions at the floor of the House, debated actively during various discussions. He further mentioned that he once debated for over three hours on the rampant corruption affecting development in Nairobi city.

On Thursday, Mzalendo released a report naming 27 Members of Parliament who remained quiet in all the 2015 proceedings at the August House.

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