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Miguna Miguna: we will swear in Raila Odinga whether he likes it or not


Miguna Miguna is one politician and advocate that you can’t corner no matter the circumstances whatsoever and the last panelist at the ‘AM Live’ learned once again about his charisma and law muscles.

Miguna Miguna swore on the panel that Raila Odinga is going to be sworn in come January 30th 2018 since Raila Odinga is the people’s president and there’s nothing that even Raila Odinga can do to stop that from happening.

“I’m telling you on national TV that Raila AMolo Odinga has no option, he will be sworn in whether he likes it or not. we are going to swear Raila in, Raila is going to be the people’s president not out of his choice …” Miguna Miguna said in part

Miguna Miguna came with the alleged official 2017 election results that he alleged that are the real results that are different from those shared.

Miguna Miguna praying hands

#NRM Miguna Miguna On NTV AM Live:

Miguna: I have a document with the results from servers showing that Raila Odinga won the August 8th election. That is the basis upon which he is going to be sworn in.

Debarl: I am afraid Miguna that the election of August 8th was invalidated by the Supreme Court and therefore cannot be the basis for swearing in of Raila.

Miguna: The matter before the court was a petition challenging the election and subsequent declaration of Uhuru as the winner and not Raila’s results. You have to get that very clear!

Debarl: Before we even proceed further, where did you get that document, who gave you? We know the servers have never been opened. What is your source?

Miguna: Don’t be ignorant of the law. Article 35 of our constitution grants me the right to access information anytime I want. It is consequently not your duty to ask who gave me the document.

Debarl: Let me profess my ignorance over this matter but Mr. Miguna such a sensitive document has to have a known official source for us to publicly discuss it here on TV.

Miguna: Let me now teach you because you don’t understand the law. Our constitution provides for protection of whistleblowers of such sensitive matters. What is important to you, the one who leaked it or the document itself?

Debarl: I now get you very well but then Miguna the Supreme Court that voided Uhuru’s victory in August is the same court that affirmed his win in October. How then can you defy such a declaration?

Miguna: The IEBC should in fact not have appeared before the Supreme Court without obeying the orders issued in August to open the servers because that is blatant contempt of court. So when the IEBC defied the court, none of you lamented but when we take an initiative to bring you the server results you are here again lamenting. What do you people want?

Wamatangi: You are risking an arrest Mr. Miguna for being in possession of a document whose source is questionable. That is breaking the law.

Miguna: Who will arrest me, Wamatangi or? If you are convinced am breaking the law kindly call flying squad that you misuse to come and arrest me here

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