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Miguna Miguna responds to claims he fled Kenya out of fear


NASA Resistance Movement General Miguna Miguna has responded to claims that he fled the country to avoid arrest by the Jubilee regime after the highly awaited Supreme Court ruling where the election of Uhuru Kenyatta on October 26 was upheld.

Miguna Miguna left the country on Sunday to Canada for his personal business.

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Well,the no nonsense man has addressed a few issues from the SCOK ruling and the rumors he ran away from Kenya via his Twitter account.

The is inconsequential. There was no election on October 26th, 2017. The exercise presided over was a coronation ritual, which the weak-kneed court has ratified. and remain illegitimate usurpers of power. will remove them.

There is only one source of legitimate power – The People. The People must exercise power through credible elections or directly via popular revolutions. However, since the cannot conduct credible elections, only one option is available. Let’s exercise it!

One proof that the Supreme Court engaged in a fraudulent exercise last week: The Racketeer loudly asked the court to “deconstruct article 140(1) of the Constitution.” Nobody interrupted him. Yet, constitutions are INTERPRETED; not deconstructed.  ~@MigunaMiguna

On whether he fled? he says,‘Where I go or stay is none of your business. We have freedom of movement and association in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.’

He calls the rumors Hogwash!

The former Independent Nairobi governor aspirant Miguna Miguna officially joined NASA’s National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Speaking at Capitol Hill in Nairobi, Miguna Miguna said he identified with NRM’s agenda adding that President Uhuru Kenyatta did not win the October 26 repeat presidential election.

“The exercise on October 26 was not an election it was a selection. Uhuru did not win the elections,” Miguna said.

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