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Ladies you are going to Love This: Sauti Sol flexes their muscles in promoting their album, Wait till you see Savara Mudigi Shirtless.


Sauti Sol has been dominating the music industry in the country and soon in the whole region, they have many accolades under their belt that it will need a whole new article for me to cover all of them and still they are always fresh in their content just like the way they used to be when they were starting out way back in 2005.

They have so far been able to release two studio albums; ‘Mwanzo’ which was released in 2008 and Sol ‘Filosofia’ in 2011 and they are now working on their third studio album called ‘Live and Die in Afrika’ that allegedly will be released this year under their imprint label called Sauti Sol Entertainment. Earlier this week, they released the official cover for their third studio album ‘Live and Die in Afrika’ to create hype for the release of it but apparently the album is complete but Sauti Sol hasn’t yet confirmed the official date of the release, they have thus far shared some epic photos of the album shoot and trust me ladies, you gotta love this and you definitely need a fan next to you to help with the’ heat’ after watching this sexy photos, especially of ripped Savara Mudigi. Here are the photos. Ladies feel free to drool and thirst away while y’all ninjas can hate on the ripped muscles which you don’t have


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