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kumbe Italian men are also fisis? meet Giuliano the resident fisi in Mombasa.


Are all old Italian men in our Kenya coasts always so randy? The ufisi in this story is amazing because it involves close friends being played by the same man. Is that even possible? How can you not know that your close friend and you are dating the same man? Meaning that fisis only thrive when women betray each other. A la’ the saying that women are their worst own enemies!

So what happened? The fracas started outside the offices of the registrar of persons in Mombasa early last week when an elderly Mzungu was accosted by a group of rowdy women, stopping him from marrying his sweetheart.

The women claimed that he was doing this behind the back of their friend whom he had been dating and even promised to marry. The Italian man, who has been living in the Coastal city for the last two years, had promised his girlfriend, only identified as Kawira, that they would marry on a material day, only for things to go awry four days to the occasion. Kawira griped to Crazy Monday:

“He changed his mobile number and I could not even find him in his apartment in Mtwapa where we had been having the time of our lives for the past one year or so I looked for him everywhere to no avail in spite of the fact I had notified and invited my parent and other members of my family who travelled all the way from Meru to attend the occasion,” 

She only got word from one of her friends who took pity on her that the Italian, surnamed Guiliano, was actually planning to marry one of her closest friends on what was supposed to be their biggest day. Feeling betrayed, she contacted her friends to come help her scuttle his plans. Kawira added:

“They agreed to accompany me in storming the registrar’s office not only to stop the ceremony but to shame the man who broke my heart. That is why we came here.”

She said during the time she had been dating the octogenarian, she did everything he asked her and didn’t see why he would dump her so abruptly and go for her friend. This does not shock me. The popular Kiswahili saying that kikulacho kinguoni summarized that traitors are always those closest to you.

“How much do you want? Me will give you. Just let us proceed. I am sorry but I now love your friend Monica. We change it no now!”

Hahaha! This gambit did not work and he had to run helter skelter from the women to his vehicle, driving off leaving his bride-to-be at the mercy of the women. This man is truly brave warrior… um fisi!




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