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kumbe Abduba Dida anaezaakapigia Uhuru kura! But he has one condition.


Abduba Dida is a very genial, funny and enterprising man. the man who has run for the presidency twice and with little to show for it sure knows how to keep his name in the spotlight.

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He came out yesterday with a press conference to talk about the current political malaise the country is involved in. The man commented on what the demonstrations that are rocking the country were doing to the economy. He also implored Raila Odinga to call off the demos that NASA is planning in a bid to oust some  IEBC officials from office.

Dida added that the IEBC had misinterpreted the definition of “fresh election” saying that he expects to be on the ballot paper come October 26th. Dida also had some words for our incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta. His words will only get tongues wagging.

His issue with Uhuru is not his economic politics, no that is too much to ask form a Kenyan politician! It is his eyes, yes you had that right! Dida’s main concern with our president is not the ever-burgeoning debt but the redness of Uhuru’s eyes. What I know is that will never happen! Never I repeat!

Here is the quote:

“I will vote for Uhuru Kenyatta if he goes for test(ing).. mkojo na damu and he’s free.” he said. “How can your eyes be red 24/7?… If the doctors can tell us he is naturally like this, then we will question nature at a later stage.”

Here is the video clip below:

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