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Khaligraph Jones shows off his new tattoo


Khaligraph Jones is by no dispute the go-to rapper in the Kenyan hip hop game today and there’s no one dare challenge him for the 254 hip hop and rap throne and whoever did challenged him, well let’s say he had it coming and you can read all about it by clicking the story below.

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It’s almost synonymous to many rap artistes to use their skin like a coloring book and have all sorts of tattoos and Khaligraph Jones added a new one on his forearm reading “Respect The Ogs”. Many didn’t noticed the tattoo because he added it to the already tatted arms only this time the tattoo starts from his fist to his elbow.

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I would say it looks fresh and neat on him and poetic also since he made famous the term “Repect the Ogs” so I thinks it’s only poetic he gets it tatted on his skin.


Khaligraph Jones flaunting his “Respect The Gg” tattoo | Instagram
Khaligraph Jones' hustle tattoo
Khaligraph Jones’ hustle tattoo | Instagram
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