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Kapella release a single with Malawian artiste he used to beef with


Kapella has spread his musical wings that landed in Malawi which saw him work with one of the renowned artiste from there called Zuze Tana P who has history has it beefed with the former Coola Gang group back in the day.

Zuze Tana P who used to be a member of Large Gang beefed with Coola Gang(musically of course) and we didn’t get to hear who won that battle but that’s over and done with. Few years down the line though, Kapella together with Zuze Tana P(who is now based in Kenya) jumped into the booth together to release ‘Vices’ single which is a hot record to say the least.

VICES is a conversation between the two, dropping punchline after punchline referencing a variety of topics that range from their numerous addictions to the reasons for these addictions and their full knowledge of the consequences of these VICES. Do you relate? This that conversation you and the squad have at home or in the Uber/Taxify/Little Cab on your way to the club.” – Kapella on the ‘Vices’ single.

Watch the music video for ‘Vices’ single


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