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Kabogo Junior at it again! rolls out with a sports-bike with an amazing price-tag that can buy you a shamba in Kitengela!


The son of the former Kiambu governor William Kabogo leads a very very charmed life. Charmed to the extent that he lives his life by a set of his own rules.Image result for kabogo junior sports bike

While the rest of us are slogging away he can relax and take stalk of his vast wealth. The work of his hands…eh fathers hands sorry. Even I want my father to be a rich governor. Where is my tooth fairy. You have failed me.Image result for kabogo junior memeFrom huge mansions to partying days like Monday or Tuesday, his life is unlike us mere mortals.Image result for my life is awesome meme

The youngster showed up to an event with the bike that left Kiambu residents tongues wagging. The bike he was riding is said cost 2 million shillings, not Ugandan shillings, Kenyan shillings. Umaskini ni wewe!KabogoIn the video below we see Kabogo Junior being welcomed and cheered on by a group who are speaking in the Kikuyu vernacular. Maisha bado London for the young Kabogo. Check out the video below.

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