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Joho Reveals His Next Move After His Security Detail Was Withdrawn


Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho lamented over the withdrawal of his aides but said that he would instead rely on the people who elected him for his security.

Through a statement released on Thursday, the ardent CORD Governor further clarified that he had a right to be provided with security personnel as an elected leader, emphasizing that the government should not take that as a favour.

Mr Joho termed the move as a scheme by the Jubilee government to frustrate him over his political stand, notifying those who had given the orders, that he would not be intimidated to change his political course and brand of politics.

The Governor’s security detail was unofficially withdrawn after Mombasa Urban OCPD Patrick Njoroge reportedly asked the bodyguards to leave Joho’s office and return to their stations.

“There’s nothing I will do. I will not hire anyone. I will not ask for new bodyguards. I will just wait and see how the situation will unfold,” he declared.

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