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Na tumbo yako ina masindano! Indian man found with 263 coins in stomach after operation!


Indian people have given us wonderful traditions from their excellent dressing styles to their wonderful foods. They are also a proud subcontinent with a lot going on for them, being the 2nd largest population after the Chinese and also being the new go-to place for both I.T and Medicine. But this certain Indian man has taken what people can put into their mouths to crazy new levels.

Forgot what I ate meme
Forgot what I ate. photo credit: instameme


Doctors in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh removed metal objects including coins and needles weighing at about 5 kgs. The surgery was performed by a team of 6 doctors in the Rewa district at state run Sanjay Gandhi Medical College and hospital.

Eating glass
Eating glass. photo credit: youtube


The hospital spokesperson said:

“Doctors here during a surgery removed a chain, 263 coins,four needles, and twelve shaving blades, besides shreds of glass, all weighing five kg!”

All from one stomach! How was this man still alive? I normally get scared when I find a piece of born in my fish, while this man was living with 4 needles in his stomach!

Eating wrong meme
Eating wrong. photo credit: pinterest

Witchcraft is real people! Glass in the stomach lining! And he was still alive?! How? How?

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