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“I’m not happy about coming out, it cost me my love” Gay singer Joji Baro opens up


George Barasa popularly known as Joji Baro is one of the most vocal gay activists in Kenya. But surprisingly Joji Baro is not happy about coming out.

They are only a handful of outright gay celebrities in Kenya, Joji Baro and Binyavanga Wainaina are the most popular among them. The two have been at the receiving end of public criticisms and all other offenses gay people are subjected to.

Joji Baro
Joji Baro Photo/Facebook

Joji Baro is now regretting why he came out as gay. The controversial singer says he lost everything including his love when he came clean about his sexuality.

Joji Baro with his lover
Joji Baro with his lover Photo/Courtesy

“COMING OUT cost me everything. It cost me my family, my friends, my studies, my future, my love and my life. I have no reason to celebrate it. I lost part of me when I came out. I lost my faith. I lost my place in the society.i lost my weight. I’m not happy about coming out,” wrote Joji Baro.

Joji Baro at a public function
Joji Baro at a public function Photo/Facebook


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