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I will buy you a coffin, P- Square feud takes a more ominous turn after new threat!


As most Kenyans old enough to remember will have some certain nostalgia for the wonderful music the duo PSquare produced. The duo came out with so many hits that it would be a travesty for me to try and give a top ten. Their songs were the songs that made Kenyans receptive and appreciative of the musical talents of a certain country west of Africa.

P-square brothers posong
P-Square brothers. photo credit: nigeria politics online

But today that is not what people are saying about the musical duo. P Square have been involved in an ugly family affair for the last couple of years. That is why the wonderful music that they were producing suddenly stopped. Now, Jude ‘Enges’ Okoye, the elder brother, who is also their manager has come out to say that he would buy Peter ‘Mr P’ Okoye a coffin. Wololo yaye! This is beyond a family drama!

Jack sparrow being crazy
crazy meme. photo credit: pinterest

The comments infuriated Peter who was restrained from punching him as the trio squabbled in their lawyer’s office. The clip of the fight appeared on a Nigerian blog and shows Jude Okoye and Paul ‘Rude Boy’ Okoye threatening to beat up their brother, Peter Okoye. Peter reportedly requested lawyer Festus Keyamo to write a letter terminating the partnership agreement between the twins. Last year, Peter attempted to fire Jude as the manager in a series of tweets. He voiced his anger over Jude’s ‘poor management’. He said:

“Peter and Paul has the right to sack the entire management team. Business is business, period. I don’t have a problem with Paul but the management.”

The first nail in the coffin( forgive the pun I had to use it) was when Peter married a woman from a different tribe. This development was such a deal breaker for everyone in the family that from the day of his nuptials upto today, the family can’t see eye to eye with Peter. And I thought Kenya had a problem with ethnic tensions!

Another issue was the amount of money that Jude their manager was making from the duo’s earnings. This was a sore spot for Peter who wanted Jude to only make 15% because he was only a manager. Also, Peter felt that he was not favoured in how the songs and videos were done feeling like he was only a glorified backup singer. Eish! Too much drama for one family to handle! Here is the video of the crazy exchange between the Okoye brothers:

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