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Huddah Monroe launches scathing attack on Vera Sidika


Huddah Monroe has launched fresh attacks on Vera Sidika after the bumful socialite went HAM on Kenyan and Tanzanian ladies who boycotted her Veetox Tea.

A section of ladies claimed they would not buy Vera’s slimming tea and this angered the socialite who started throwing words at them.

“Kenyans and Tanzanians idle hating ass b**ches, Y’all so naive. You need to travel please. No. it is very important to travel coz y’all so stupid right now with the lies. Leave me the f**k alone. Abeg, Y’all just jealous that you had to start a rumour.” The teed-off socialite ranted.“Kenyan b*tches just broke and basic. Eat Githeri and sleep,” wrote Vera.

Huddah Monroe was quick to defend the ladies from Vera’s attacks. The petite socialite blasted Vera saying that she had no moral authority as a global prostitute to abuse decent ladies.

Huddah further advised Vera to respect the ladies she was looking down upon saying that they were likely became richer than her because she (Vera) was dependent prostitution to earn a living.




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