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Huddah Monroe: I don’t date Kenyan men, most are deadbeat dads


Huddah Monroe has made it clear that he can’t date any Kenyan man and she sure despise them(not personal though).

So if you are a Kenyan man and had your eyes set on her, better get your priorities right because she ain’t and won’t be one in your bucket list.

The socialite who publicly agreed on having a boob job to impress her man has opened up about how she don’t date Kenyan men and how slay queen should stop degrading themselves to a subtle price of a liquor.

“I don’t date Kenyans. I dunno the last time I was EVER with a Kenyan. I consider all Kenyan men my brothers. Coz if you can’t help my business or my life. Then WHAT THE F are we? Siblings” – one of her screenshots said

She went on to express her disgust on Kenyan deadbeat dads that don’t take care of their children after knocking up women and leaving them to be a single mums without any care at all.


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