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how Kenyans reacted after Uhuru Kenyatta visited former President Moi


President Uhuru Kenyatta visited and had lunch with former President Daniel Moi. This comes when Kenyans are waiting for the SCOK ruling expected on Monday after petitions to nullify the October 26 elections.

This is how Kenyans reacted to Uhuru’s visiting Moi’s home at Kabarak, Nakuru.

In the face of the difficulties we are facing as a nation, our leaders must sit down and talk. Am imagining such a photo in which we have both retired Presidents and giving a fatherly lecture to both Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga on matters nationhood~ @ItsMutai

Moi looks partially dead. went to Kabarak for gossip not knowing the self-declared professor of politics ran out of ideas long ago~@CollinceBey

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He is not former,he is indirectly the president. Wewe ni caretaker tu~ 

The only difference between Moi and mugabe is that Moi appointed uhuru to rule on his behalf and Mugabe decided to do it himself~@Chematiah

So prbm is to seek advise?! Let him finish his second terms …. achana na desperate Odinga who decided to opt do or die strategy’s …. is father of democracy EA. If Odinga wins all EA is doomed my frnd .. is presence change the game within the regional~ 

Politicians off the same cloth. KANU like poor economic policies, crushing off opposition, extra judicial killings, accumulation of vast personal wealth at expense of tax payer, arrogance, greed, tribalism, crushing of media freedom.~@anikadamali

It could rather be more important if you could have gone to mathare and assessed the situation and encourage the citizens about peace. A time has come that you must prove your position as a President.~ 

Visiting the father of impunity, the definition of incompetence, the master of tribalism, the epitome of dictatorship, the killer of a nation’s dream… Shame!~ 

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