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Homeboyz Radio’s Talia Oyando among female celebs listed on Nyakundi’s newly launched ‘Slay Queens Wall Of Shame’


Cyprian Nyakundi has gone a notch higher in dealing with ladies he says are using their Instagram handles to bait men into financing their expensive lifestyles.

The controversial blogger launched an aggressive campaign a month ago to stop all forms of exploitation of the boy child.

Cyprian Nyakundi has now launched ‘Slay Queens Wall Of Shame’ where he exposes materialistic ladies on a weekly basis.

“Each week, we’ll be releasing a “Slay-Queens Wall Of Shame” to expose those hood-rats who have never shown their dudes on IG. Their work is to appeal to the “highest bidder” .

“Others have exhibited tendencies of kulanaing wenyewe-kwa-wenyewe kama Kwambox and Ntalami. Until the day the unveil a steady nigga, everyone is free to call them “Poko’s” using IG to bait wateja, and to haribu their younger sisters with flashes of vanity.

“Very disgusting characters. We will soon start a boycott of any product promoted by toxic-feminists. If you know their mum’s, send them this pic and inform them that their daughters are in Nyakundi’s wall of shame,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.

Homeboyz Radio’s Talia Oyando was among 15 female celebrities whose name appeared on Nyakundi’s wall of shame. Below is the full list

Talia Oyando
Sarah Teshna
Amber Ray
Jane Kanyi
Sharon K Mwangi
Michele Ntalami
Neomi Nganga
Wanjiku Kirika
Georgyann Devyn
Nancie Mwai
Sheila Kwambox
Killy Kabybe
Francene Chettle
Terry Maina
DJ Malaika

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