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Haiyaiyai! Church elder found by wife eating guava with a side dish!


Church has a lot of things going on. From cheating the flock to teaching lies that shock. So it is no surprise when you hear many scandals coming from the precincts of church members. The hypocrisy will always be exposed. DSo what happened in this new scandal?

Cheating meme
Cheating meme. photo credit: pinterest


A woman in the city sought intervention from a journalist in the middle of the night after she nabbed her husband in a lodging with another woman. She explained that the man, 63, is a church elder in one of the city’s major churches. According to the woman, the man informed her that he was attending a men prayers’ meeting until late but she was alerted that he was, in fact, holding a kesha with his mpango wa kando instead.

Cheating memes
Cheating meme. photo credit: winterbluemusic


She wanted the man exposed for betraying their 24-year-old marriage. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But in this case here her righteous anger is merited! 24 years of marriage! How this one ends up will be interesting. What reason do you give all your friends and family about your divorce? The chemistry faded? We wanted to go separate paths? We were only together because of the children? Hmm? Whichever it is, what is most likely true is that most of the church will never find out about the members infidelity.


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