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Don’t ever urinate before sex! Doctors reveal dangerous UTI women risk contracting if they pee before having sex


Doctors advises women to only urinate after having sex. Peeing before having sex puts women in great risk of developing a painful Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

New York City urologist David Kaufman says the notion that women should pee before intercourse is one of the biggest misconceptions he has to address with patients at his clinic.

According to the American doctor, urinating before having sex increase women’s chances of getting a painful infection.

Dr Kaufman explains that bacteria from the vagina can get pushed into the urethra during sex. He says that having enough urine stored up to create a strong stream increases the odds of pushing that bacteria back out when women pee after sex.

“If you don’t go to the toilet after sex, the bacteria can make its way into the bladder and develop into an infection,” says Dr David Kaufman.

The doctor further reveals that women are far more susceptible to UTIs than men because of their anatomy. He explains that theĀ  female urethra is separated from the vagina and anus by just a small distance making it easy for bacteria from either the vagina or bottom to reach it.



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